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The Weizmann Institute of Science

The Weizmann Institute of Science would rather spend money on making scientific breakthroughs than on water. It used WINT to save water, prevent damage and advance its environmental agenda.


Water bills at the university amount to tens of millions of dollars per year. The institute is very much aware of its impact on the environment and wants to eliminate water while saving water expenses.

Water leaks were also a concern with a history of multiple leaks in various locations at the facility. A leak could not only damage expensive scientific research facilities, it could ruin cutting edge research and set programmes back years.


The university’s facilities’ staff choose to deploy WINT at the campus, from office buildings and air-conditioning systems to specialized water-consuming research equipment. WINT systems are integrated with the site’s operations room, where the entire campus is monitored and managed 24×7. When a leak occurs the operations room is alerted, and maintenance staff are immediately dispatched to diagnose and resolve the issue.


The university has seen significant water savings in multiple locations, including its air-conditioning cooling towers and specialized water filtration systems. Along the way, it has boosted its green credentials by saving significant amounts of water and reducing its environmental footprint.

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