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Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

You don't want to own lights. You want reliable, energy-efficient lighting without the hassle of maintenance. We’ve helped over 7,000 businesses save more than US$600 million in energy costs with a managed lighting service that generates instant positive cash flow and eliminates maintenance.




LED Upgrading That’s CashFlow Positive

As the region's only Lighting as a Service (LaaS) company, Centropi covers 100% of the cost to upgrade your facilities with our investment-grade NIPPON LED lighting. For a fixed monthly fee that is less than your monthly energy savings alone, we cover the entire cost to survey, customise, install, and maintain the lighting during your service agreement. This service has instant payback and generates ROI from the first month. Best of all, this service requires zero capital expenditure and no borrowing or leasing.

Zero Maintenance

With all maintenance covered in the service, you eliminate 100% of the cost of lamp and driver replacements, manpower, and inventory management.  Our industry-leading quality standards and 24-hour field teams ensures minimal disruption and quick replacements.

After a service period of five years, the entire system is yours to keep with no further obligation, netting additional savings for several more years. FAQs >


Manufacturing, logistics, hotels, and hospitals present the greatest savings potential, but any facility that meets at least two of three criteria can benefit from our service:

  • Inefficient Lighting (non-LEDs)
  • Long Operating Hours (18 to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • High Energy Tariff ($0.16+ per kWh)


Improving Operating Profits Since 2009




Energy Savings


Lights Under Contract

See how an LED lighting upgrade increases a commercial property's value through reduced operational expenses.

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Investment-Grade Engineering

Our business model prioritises quality above all else.  That's why we've spent the last ten years developing NIPPON LED, the world's only investment-grade LED lighting brand. With an exceptional five-year defect rate between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 10,000, we virtually eliminate maintenance.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Our NIPPON LED luminaires boast industry-leading efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 80% over metal halides, 65% over CFL and fluorescents, and about 30% over leading commercial LED brands.

High Bay
100/150/200 watts
190 lumens per watt
100,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings
Recessed Downlight
11 watts
150 lumens per watt
50,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings
Modular linear fixture
12/24 watts
150 lumens per watt
50,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings

Standard CISPR 11 Compliance for Industrial, Science, and Healthcare

CISPR is the international set of standards for electromagnetic interference in electronic devices. CISPR 11 is the standard for EMI in industrial, scientific, and healthcare to ensure the safety of sensitive equipment. NIPPON LED is the only line of LED lights in Japan and Southeast Asia to be CISPR 11-compliant as standard design. No need to pay extra or customize your lighting for peace of mind.

5-Year “No-Worry” Warranty

NIPPON LED uses cutting edge chips, custom drivers, and over-engineered heat sinks to guarantee against color change and loss of luminance for at least five years.  Replacement & installation during your contract period is quick and free of charge.  All our fixtures are rated for at least 50,000 hours of use before dropping below 70% luminance (L70). Our latest-generation high bays are rated for 100,000 hours.

Custom Solutions

With over 4,000 products and endless custom possibilities, we have your lighting solutions covered.  Send us your specifications or schedule a free on-site analysis to learn what solutions we have for you.

Steps to Instant Savings

After our initial introduction we immediately take steps to move your business closer to big savings.

Technical Survey

Our technicians survey your current lighting for analysis.

Simulation Model

Savings, fee structure, and ROI are presented in a detailed model. If approved in-principal...

Mockup Period

A section of your space is outfitted with new LEDs and monitored to confirm the modelled savings. Adjustments are made as needed.


Once we enter into a service agreement, our team of professional installers work after hours to minimise business disruption.  

Start Saving!

Begin generating positive cash flow from your first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the service really cost?
Exactly as promised.  The customer has no capital expenditure and is never charged for anything other than the fixed monthly service fee.  We cover 100% of the cost to analyse, customise, test, install, and service the lighting systems.  Our service charge is only a portion of the monthly energy  savings of the upgrade during a 5-year service agreement.

How are energy savings calculated?
At your invitation, and at no charge, we conduct a thorough lighting survey of your facility that includes your current lighting technology and wattage, lighting schedules, and your facility's energy tariff. This is sufficient for a preliminary proposal. If this pre-proposal is approved in-principal, we install a lighting mockup for comparison studies that typically last a week. Because your facility operates lighting on a fixed schedule, we are able to accurately model your savings and offer a five-year service with a fixed monthly fee that is cash flow positive.

What if the facilities are renovated during the contract period?
If during the contract a renovation drastically increases the usage pattern and new fixtures are installed, we can fit out this new area and incorporate it into an amended or separate service agreement.  If no new fixtures are installed and only usage increases, there is no change in our fee. If usage is drastically reduced though removal of lighting fixtures, there is an option to buy out the portion of the contract effected at 80% of the remaining value.  In most renovations lamps are relocated to the new area and usage is not significantly effected.

What if the property is divested during the service agreement period?
In the case that a property is divested during the agreement period, the agreement is transferable, and we give the option to buy out at 80% of the remaining value.

Why are your products superior to the competition’s?
As an exclusively in-house investment-grade brand, our NIPPON LED engineers and designers are continuously evolving the product line with the latest technologies to keep ahead of a very competitive Japanese commercial LED market.  We can do this without being limited by market prices because we don't sell our lights. Our revenue is driven by how much we save our customers and this drives us to design for industry-leading efficiency and quality.

Further, our factories are under a strict quality assurance regime that includes running every lamp and fixture under special conditions for 24 hours before shipping.  With more than 5.5 million lights under contract across Japan, keeping our defect rate to practically zero is critical to our business model.  

Is the CENTROPI service feasible for new projects?
For projects in design or construction phase, we can propose a LaaS based on the current lightings specifications. Even commercial-grade LEDs can be upgraded to NIPPON LEDs with 30% energy savings. The savings are modelled using the product parameters and verified by the client's consultants.  The monthly fee is based on these modelled savings.

Will LaaS work for my facility that already has LED lighting?
If you have upgraded, or partially upgraded, your facilities with commercial-grade LED lights, you may be disappointed with the lack of savings or high percentage of defects. We may be able to save you an additional 30% in energy costs with practically no defects over a five-year period. However, for LaaS to make financial sense, your facility would have to operate lighting at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and your energy tariff must be relatively high. Having said that, we would be glad to have a closer look at your facility. Perhaps including occupancy sensors can reduce your lighting usage enough to pay for the service and generate an attractive return.

What happens after the service agreement?
At the end of your service, the entire lighting package is yours to keep, generating several more years of fee-free savings.

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At Centropi, we believe future generations have the right to a healthy environment and that corporations have a responsibility to preserve nature’s resources. Our mission is to make a significant contribution to a sustainable future by helping the world’s largest users of resources meet their sustainability goals.

MASS Centropi Pte Ltd is the Singapore branch of MASS Co. Ltd., Japan’s largest and oldest Lighting as a Service company. Headquartered in Osaka since 2009, MASS has earned a reputation for helping customers through technological innovation and operational excellence to deliver the industry’s highest energy savings and carbon emissions reductions. With over 5.5 million lights under contract across Japan, our expansion across APAC under the brand Centropi is driven by our belief that the LaaS model is one of the best ways for facility owners to reduce carbon emissions while generating instant ROI and easing facility management workload.

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