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Unlock Cash Flow  to invest in Your Business

Generate instant profits with No-Capex LED Lighting as a Service.

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Trusted LaaS Leader for over 15 Years

$ Billions

Energy and maintenance savings generated for our customesr since 2009


Over 16 thousand facilities in every category upgraded with LaaS

$ 0

Capex paid by our LaaS customers
Efficiency as a Service

No-Capex, No Risk,
Instant Profit

We remove the financial and operational risks typically associated with efficiency upgrades by investing in and actively managing the systems we put in place. A fixed monthly fee includes hardware, installation, SaaS, and 24/7 maintenance & support. So you can focus on running your business while we unlock value from your facilities.

About LaaS ➜

Instant Benefits of LaaS

Instant Cash Flow

Monthly energy and maintenance savings exceed the fixed monthly service fee of LaaS, generating instant cash flow to be deployed where it is needed most--core business activities.


Many businesses have become accustomed to underlit workplaces and retail spaces. The result is underperforming people, sales, and assets. Upgrade your spaces and your team's workplace satisfaction with LaaS.

No Maintenance

The hidden cost of maintenance of cheap LED lights drains opex budgets, distracts staff, disrupts operations, and creates safety hazards. LaaS installs investment-grade LED lighing that requires virtually no maintenance.

Better Uses of Capital in Your Business

  • Technology upgrades
  • Research & Development
  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse & logistics improvements
  • In-store experience enhancements
  • Digital Marketing

Investing in core business activities is essential for growth and competitiveness. Technology upgrades boost efficiency, while R&D drives innovation. Excellent customer service fosters loyalty, and optimized logistics ensure timely deliveries. Enhancing the in-store experience attracts and retains customers, while strong digital marketing expands reach and drives sales. Focusing on investing in areas that enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability, rather than diverting resources to non-core activities like facility management.

Unbeatable Combination for Unbeatable Returns

Experience the future of commercial lighting with our no-capex Lighting as a Service (LaaS) model, paired with premium, investment-grade LED lights. This innovative approach eliminates upfront costs, allowing you to modernize your lighting systems without impacting your financial resources. Enjoy lower operational costs while enhancing your portfolio's sustainability and appeal. Our comprehensive service includes replacements, ensuring optimal performance and freeing you to focus on core business activities.

  • Fixed monthly fee without Capex or borrowing
  • Turnkey installation portfolio-wide
  • Maintenance included with replacements in 24 hours
About LaaS ➜
  • Investment-grade Japanese LED lighting
  • 30% more energy efficient than commercial LEDs
  • 0.1% replacement rate in first five years
About Nippon LED ➜

Proven across over 12,000 facilities artner Of The Worlds Largest Brands

Facilities upgraded with LaaS
Lights under management today
6+ Million
Tonnes of carbon avoided
Our customers typically generate 30% to 100% net cash flow from the first month.

What savings could your facilities generate with LaaS?

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Halliburton Singapore

State of the art precision manufacturing facility reduces lighting energy 79% and generates outstanding returns from day 1 with LaaS.

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