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You don't want to own lights. You want reliable, energy-efficient lighting with zero maintenance. We’ve helped over 7,000 businesses save more than US$100 million in energy costs while eliminating maintenance and upgrading their appearance and occupant comfort.




Improving Operating Profits for Thousands of Businesses Since 2005




Energy Savings


Capex or Financing

LED Upgrading That’s CashFlow Positive on Day One

For well-qualified Singapore businesses, we cover 100% of the cost to upgrade your facilities with our investment-grade NIPPON LED lighting and controls at no cost to you.  The entire cost to survey, consult, customize, install, and maintain the LED upgrade is covered in a fixed monthly service fee that is guaranteed to be less than your monthly energy savings.  Best of all, this service requires zero capital expenditure and no borrowing.

Zero Maintenance

With all maintenance covered in the service, you eliminate 100% of the cost of lamp and driver replacements, maintenance personnel, and inventory management.  Our industry-leading quality standards and 24-hour field teams ensures minimal disruption and same-day replacements.

After a service period of five years, the entire system is yours to keep with no further obligation, netting additional savings for several more years. FAQs >

We offer two models;  Upgrading Existing Facilities, and New Construction


We survey your current lighting and match each lamp and fixture with a NIPPON LED counterpart one for one.

To determine the savings, we install an onsite mockup and take meter readings before and after the upgrade. The savings model is used as the basis for your service agreement.  All at no cost to you.

Ideal customers have at least S$4,000 in monthly energy costs and operate lights on a fixed schedule for 18 to 24 hours every day. Manufacturing and logistics facilities, hotel and office corridors, car parks, and staircases offer major savings.  

If you have recently upgraded your facilities with commercial-grade LED lights, you may be disappointed with the lack of savings or high percentage of defects. Our investment-grade NIPPON LED lights and save up to an additional 20% in energy costs compared to the leading LED brands in Singapore, and have a five-year warranty against loss of luminance and color shift. More About NIPPON LED>


If your project is in the design stage and LEDs are not currently specified, we propose LED lighting to replace your current specifications and calculate the savings.  The service agreement is based on the simulated energy savings. This allows you to completely eliminate your budgets for installation and ongoing maintenance.

If you already have LED lighting specified, in most cases our models are up to 20% more efficient. With a Centropi service agreement, you eliminate your maintenance budget while still enjoying significant energy savings.


See how an LED lighting upgrade increases a commercial property's value through reduced operational expenses.

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Investment-Grade Engineering

Our service model prioritises quality above all else.  That's why we've spent the last ten years developing NIPPON LED, the world's only investment-grade LED lighting brand. With an exceptional defect rate of less than 0.6%, we virtually eliminate downtime.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

NIPPON LED lamps and luminaires are incredibly efficient and can reduce energy consumption by up 90% over halogens, 60% over CFL and fluorescents, and up to 20% over leading-brand LEDs.  

Modular linear fixture
18/36 watts
150 lumens per watt
50,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings
Recessed Downlight
11 watts
150 lumens per watt
50,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings
High Bay
100/150/200 watts
130 lumens/watt
50,000 hours L70


Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings

5-Year “No-Worry” Warranty

NIPPON LED uses cutting edge chips, drivers, and heat sinks to guarantee against color-change and loss of luminance for 5 years.  Replacement & installation during your contract period is quick and free of charge.  All our fixtures are rated for 50,000 hours of use before dropping below 70% luminance (L70).

Beware of lighting vendors who claim to offer commercial-grade LEDs and support less than 5-year warranties or don’t guarantee color and luminance.

Custom Solutions

With over 2,000 variations of LED lamps and luminaires, and endless custom possibilities, we have your lighting solutions covered.  Send us your specifications or schedule a free on-site analysis to learn what solutions we have for you.

The Process

After our initial introduction we immediately take steps to move your business closer to big savings.

Technical Survey

Our technicians survey your current lighting technologies and document usage for analysis.

Simulation Model

A detailed analysis is presented to show expected savings.

Mockup Period

A section of your space is outfitted with new LEDs and monitored to confirm the modelled savings. Adjustments are made as needed.


Our team of professional installers work after hours to minimize business disruption.  

Start Saving!

Begin saving as soon as you flip on your new lights!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “zero-cost” upgrading really cost?
Exactly as promised.  The customer has no capital expenditure and is never charged for anything other than the fixed monthly service charge.  We cover 100% of the cost to analyse, customise, test, install, and service the lighting systems.  Our service charge is only a portion of the monthly energy cost savings associated with the upgrade during a 5-year service contract.

How is the savings calculated?
For existing spaces, we monitor current usage and install mockups for comparison studies, typically for a week. Most customers have continuous and fixed operating schedules, so short mockups allow us to accurately calculate savings and eliminates the need for ongoing monitoring and energy usage audits.

The results of these studies determine the fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract.

What if the facilities are renovated during the contract period?If during the contract a renovation drastically increases the usage pattern and new fixtures are installed, we can fit out this new area and incorporate it into an amended or separate service agreement.  If no new fixtures are installed and only usage increases, there is no change in our fee. If usage is drastically reduced though removal of lighting fixtures, there is an option to buy out the portion of the contract effected at 80% of the remaining value.  In most renovations lamps are relocated to the new area and usage is not significantly effected.

Why are your products superior to the competition’s?
As an investment-grade brand, our NIPPON LED engineers and designers are continuously evolving the product line with the latest technologies to keep ahead of a very competitive Japanese commercial LED market. Our over-engineered drivers are paired with the world’s best chips for superior efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Further, our factories are under a strict quality assurance regime that includes running every lamp and fixture for 24 hours before shipping.  With more than 6 million lamps under contract across Japan, keeping our defect rate below 1% is critical to our business model.  

Is the CENTROPI service feasible for new projects?
For projects in design or in construction phase, we analyse the current lightings specifications and propose a complete upgrade with our LED fixtures and controls.  Even commercial-grade LEDs can be upgraded to NIPPON LEDs with savings of up to 20%. The savings are modelled using the product parameters and verified by the client's consultants.  The monthly fee is based on these modelled savings.

What if the property is divested during the service contract period?
In the case that a property is divested during the contract period, the contract is transferable, and we give the option to buy out the contract at 80% of the remaining value.

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