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LED Lighting as a Service

No-Capex, fully managed LED lighting upgrades across CRE portfolios

How Lighting as a Service Works

We upgrade your facilities with investment-grade Japanese LED lighting. Pay nothing upfront, only a fixed monthly service fee.
We Invest So You Don't Have To

Why invest in lights when all you want is energy-efficient light? We cover 100% of the costs of the lighting upgrade and recover our investment with a fixed monthly service fee over a period of five years. We benefit from reliable long-term returns and you benefit from a more energy-efficient facility with none of the risk and work associated with purchasing and maintaining lights. We're able to scale LaaS for thousands of customers because we've engineered our LED lights specifically for this model - to be 30% more efficient than commercial LEDs and practically maintenance-free
during their rated lifetimes (50,000 to 100,000 hours).

All-Inclusive Service Agreement

Leave all your lighting maintenance to us and say goodbye to 100% of the cost of replacements, stocking, and staff time. The constant operation of the lights is our responsibility, so with over 6 million lights in service today, we work hard to minimize the need for replacements. But when necessary, we replace a light in less than a day - three if a lift is required. We cover colour shift, flicker, and drop in brightness of 30% or more during the service period.

Fixed Monthly Service Fee

Facilities on fixed schedules allow for easily estimating energy usage and savings during a five-year period. We work with your facility management staff to understand usage and we conduct a thorough survey to propose a LaaS solution. We automatically set the fixed monthly service fee to our lowest required return, to maximize your instant ROI. We do not "share" your savings, so you don't pay any more than necessary. There are no other charges and you never pay anything other than the service fee.

Instant ROI

Since our service fee is less than your energy savings, and your first payment is only one month after the installation is completed, your Centropi LaaS generates instant positive cash flow from the start. That's instant return with no payback period. As a bonus, consider your 100% maintenance savings as additional instant return on your LaaS upgrade.

Best-Fit Facilities

Facilities with the greatest potential for savings have long, fixed operating hours, inefficient lighting, and a high energy tariff. But even facilities that have recently installed LED lights save an additional 30% with Centropi's invetment-grade lights. Industrial, logistics, hospitals, and hotels tend to generate the highest instant returns, but office buildings, retail, and educational facilities can benefit under the right conditions.
Long, Fixed Operating Hours

A facility that operates longer than 12 hours per day has the best chance to qualify for LaaS. Having fixed  hours make it straightforward to predict savings and set the fixed fee for five years

Inefficient Lighting

Fluorescent, halogen, and metal halides have the greatest potential for savings. But even LEDs can be upgraded to our LEDs with savings.

High Energy Tariff

Other than the before-and-after wattage difference, energy cost is the biggest driver of dollar savings. Tariffs as low as US$0.12 per kWh can make a facility viable for LaaS.

The Process

Analysis & Proposal

Our technicians work with your facility management team to collect information on your current lighting, operating hours, and energy tariff. Within a week of a thorough survey, we submit a proposal for management review. When approved in-principle, we install a product mockup to verify the calculated savings % and validate our model.


To ensure quick and painless delivery, we partner with local installation contractors with excellent project management and safety records. Installation can begin 4-6 weeks after signing the service agreement.

Instant Savings

Your first payment is due one month after we complete the installation, so you generate positive cash flow even before your first payment.

Sakura Jyuji Hospital

$235K in energy savings and 1,185 tonnes of carbon averted in this 15-year old hospital complex.


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