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Real-time Water Management For CRE portfolios.

The WINT water management system detects and stops leaks using artificial intelligence to prevent damages, reduce consumption, and cut the resulting carbon emissions.

Enterprise-Grade Water Analytics

WINT is an AI-driven water intelligence platform that enables high-resolution visibility into your portfolio's water usage; identifying inefficiencies and averting disaster in real-time for the world's largest facility managers.

Detect waste in real-time to reduce water usage 20%

By actively monitoring water networks across your portfolio, and alerting building staff of waste in real-time, WINT has a track record of reducing water usage by an average of 20% to 25%.

Your current methods of detecting wastage may include eye-balling the water bill, manually recording meters, or relying on your BMS to catch large variations in usage. Neither are timely or very accurate. WINTs specialised algorithms detect even minor wastage such as a stuck toilet or open tap--in real time.


Spot leaks to prevent catastrophic water damage

WINTs real-time alerts and optional remote operation of valves has prevented millions of dollars in damages from water leaks.

Edge Hardware

WINT modules read and analyze flow data from standard meters and communicate with WINT servers over 3G/4G or Wifi. When connected to valves, configurable action policies enable WINT to respond automatically to potentially catastrophic water events and allow building staff to remotely operate valves.

Artificial Intelligence

Trained with millions of hours of water flow data from every facility type, WINT learns your normal usage patterns and uses advanced machine learning to quickly identify plumbing inefficiencies and water events that could spell disaster if not caught early.

Cloud-Based SaaS

Configurable dashboards, reports, action policies, and a powerful mobile app give you visibility and control at the device, building, and portfolio levels for ultimate peace of mind -- making WINT a powerful component of your facility management toolbox.

24/7 Support & Insights

WINT Water Experts with experience across the gamut of building types proactively monitor alerts and reach out to your team when critical water events go unnoticed. Insights are periodically shared with building staff and management to address root causes and troubleshoot recurring events.


WINT is recognized for it's technological innovation and its contribution to the insurance industry by reducing the size and frequency of claims.

Tidhar Construction

Billion dollar builder and developer puts an end to water damage while reducing water usage.


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