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Gakken Logistics

20,000m2 logistics facility saves US$30K a year in facility maintenance and energy costs.

Facilities with high ceilings know all too well the inconvenience of having to change lights. Many choose to batch light replacements, leaving areas of the facility under-lit, in order to save costs. With Centropi LaaS, Gakken Logistics benefited from investment-grade high bay lights that require fewer than 1 replacement in 1,000 over five years and save up to 30% more than commercial grade high bays. All while generating 100% instant ROI every month.

Number of Lights Installed
Annual Energy Savings
Energy Cost Savings
Maintenance Savings

Clalit Health Services

Keeping health services running can be a matter of life and death. So Clalit Health made sure that leaks don’t turn into disasters by installing the WINT in their many different facilities.

Azrieli Office Towers and Shopping Mall

Real estate giant chills out after eliminating water waste and saving a fortune

The Weizmann Institute of Science

The Weizmann Institute of Science would rather spend money on making scientific breakthroughs than on water. It used WINT to save water, prevent damage and advance its environmental agenda.

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