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Clalit Health Services

Keeping health services running can be a matter of life and death. So Clalit Health made sure that leaks don’t turn into disasters by installing the WINT in their many different facilities.

Keeping health services running can be a matter of life and death. So Clalit Healthcare made sure that leaks don’t turn into disasters by installing WINT.

With over 1,600 community clinics, 15 major hospitals and hundreds of labs and offices, Clalit is the world’s 2nd largest HMO. With 40,000 employees serving four million patients, it is a complex business. But it needed a simple and adaptable solution that would suit its different facilities.


With so many facilities, Clalit had experienced many leaks over the years – some of them very costly. A recent leak on the 9th floor resulted in water damage to elevators, disrupting electricity and effectively shutting down the building for days.

Clalit needed a solution that would be as easy to operate by staff in small local clinics and by professional teams in large facilities. Unified management was required across facilities that operate 24/7 and those that are empty during weekends and holidays. Some facilities are simple and include a toilet and kitchenette while others are complex facilities such as a hospital. And communication was key event in locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is unavailable.


WINT devices learn how water is used in each location and so their detection logic is adapted to each site’s specific use patterns. Site administrators implement action policies that meet their site’s unique needs: some apply alert-only policies, others apply automated shut-off at all times, while others opted to alert during working hours and shutoff with increased sensitivity during off hours when the site is empty.

WINT provided an integrated solution for maintenance teams in large facilities and in small offices. Headquarters staff can use WINT’s centralized monitoring and analytics to understand water use trends and KPIs across the organization.

With its cellular connectivity, WINT provides a solution for all locations without having to connect to sensitive enterprise networks. This makes for easy deployment while providing a high level of security in sensitive healthcare systems.


WINT ensures that water leaks will not disrupt business continuity in Clalit’s facilities. When a drinking fountain broke on a high floor of a headquarters building during the weekend, it would have leaked 1,500 gallons throughout the building by the time work resumed the following week. WINT identified the leak and stopped water supplies after just 15 gallons had spilled onto the kitchen floor. Massive damage was prevented, and services resumed uninterrupted.

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