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Investment-Grade Lighting

30% more energy-efficient than commercial LEDs and maintenance-free

Investment-Grade Lighting
A decade ago we set out to engineer a line of LED lights suited to our risk-free Lighting as a Service investment model. The result is a line of over 4,000 LED luminaires and lamps that require practically no maintenance during their rated lifetimes and are far more energy-efficient than the best commercial brands available on the market. Now available for purchase with all-inclusive 5-year warranty.
30% more efficient than commercial LEDs

Exceptional savings drive exceptional returns. Using the most advanced chips and custom drivers, we're able to produce the same illumination with far fewer watts, reaching efficiencies of up to 190 lumens per watt.

For example, we replace a 400W metal halide high bay with a 100W Nippon LED high bay with equal or more lux at 190 lumens per watt. That's at least 75% energy savings - more when accounting for ballast wastage. Compare to high end commercial-grade LEDs at just 150 lumens per watt.  


Nippon LED is an install-and-forget lighting system. With fewer than 1 in 1,000 lights needing replacement over five years (1 in 10,000 for high bays),

We invest in quality by over-engineering Nippon LED. This approach pays dividends in minimized maintenance costs and maximized ROI.

All packages we offer, LaaS and purchase, come with maintenance included. We replace any light that has visible color shift, visible flicker, or a drop in luminous flux of 30% or more over the 5-year service agreement.

World's highest safety standards

Some commercial-grade LEDs are known to cause electrical interference and harmonic distortions that can damage and shorten the lifespan of other electrical equipment in the facility. Every Nippon LED luminaire and lamp is designed to meet or exceed the highest safety standards for electromagnetic compatibility and achieves total harmonic distortion (THD) as low as 4%.

In addition, Nippon LED is the only brand designed to be compliant with CISPR 11, the international standard for electromagnetic compatibility around sensitive equipment in industrial, scientific, and healthcare environments. This translates into peace of mind and the safest working environment for your electrical assets.

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And much more. With over 4,000 models of lights in every category, we're sure to have your needs covered. Get in touch to get started.

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