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Kashiwara Municipal Hospital

This 220-bed hospital prioritized electromagnetic compatibility when selecting a LaaS partner.

Kashiwara Hospital x Centropi LaaS

With a full complement of advanced medical equipment, Kashiwara Hospital was experiencing electromagnetic interference in some scanners caused by their lighting systems. We solved their issue with our in-house line of CISPR 11-compliant lights, NIPPON LED.

CISPR 11 is the international standard for electromagnetic compatibility for equipment in industrial, scientific, and healthcare.  NIPPON LED - the only line of LED lights that are CISPR 11-compliant as standard design.

  • $74K

  • Annual Savings

  • 51%

  • Energy Cost Savings

  • 255

  • Annual Tonnes Carbon Emissions Averted

  • 3,182

  • Number of Lights Installed

Customers Succeeding with Centropi LaaS

Pacific Marks Esaka Office Building

Owners of this 17-storey office building faced a choice between a costly lighting upgrade or $10's of thousands in annual maintenance costs. Enter Centropi LaaS.

Gakken Logistics

20,000m2 logistics facility saves US$30K a year in maintenance and energy costs.


LaaS offered a way for the iconic chain to upgrade 700 restaurants without capital expenditure.


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